Vincent Guastini's Special Effects Makeup for The Taking of Deborah Logan

V.G.P. Effects has worked on a lot of great projects in the past. One of the shops latest jobs was "The Taking of Deborah Logan." Below is some concept art, in progress shots and brief info on the design process for the show.

Being a long time co-worker and friend to Adam Robitel for many years he approached me about doing the effects for some time for the film The Taking of Deborah Logan. I was handed two designs one that showed Debra character with a hyper extended jaw swallowing the camera and then another stage of her swallowing a little girl. That pretty much showed me where the film could go tone wise and effects wise. The designs were by Jacob Hair, a long time collaborator and who has designed on and off for my company over the years. From those designs as our foundation, I got long time friend and co worker William Basso Jr., (Edward Scissorhands Terminator 2, Jurassic Park) to come in and do some enhanced and anatomically more advanced redesigns of the final transformation of old lady into snake. He was also responsible for designing the makeup stages of Jill Larson’s transformation and added a nice homage in the design to the make-up I created for Requiem for a Dream. Since actress Jill Larson’s features were not too far off from the me designs we went further to show her jaw unhinging and did even more stages that were not used. Bill sculpted the hyper jaw puppet seen very briefly in the movie.

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