Oscar 2015 Make-up and Hairstyling Spotlight - The Grand Budapest Hotel Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier

Some films truly create their own unique world. Wes Anderson's films excel at this. The make-up and hair of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" serve to support the characters and uniquely detailed universe of the film. The 11 piece prosthetic age makeup of Madame D, ages Tilda Swinton 40 years in a very believable way. Though the prosthetic makeup is one of the "more apparent" aspects of the film's makeup design, it is the large cast of detailed characters that show Frances Hannon's ability to nail a well rounded design. Hannon and Coulier recently won the BAFTA for this amazing body of work.
Below are a few pics of Madame D and some of the make-up work from the show.

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Check out Makeup Artis Magazine's artist narrated video about the production below.
Makeup Artist Magazine's Narrated Video

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