Pros-Aide Transfer Application Tutorial

Here is our new Pros-aide transfer tutorial video. There is a lot of great Makeup FX info floating about on the interwebs, but one thing we noticed is the lack of info on Pros-aide transfers. This is a very basic walk through on the application and painting of a purchased  transfer. We will show the process for making the transfers in a future video.

X-Men First Class Makeup

X-Men First Class is finishing off its box office run in U.S. theaters. At the time of this posting, it has taken in a respectable $100,750,138 domestic. The films origin story has a lot going for it with believable acting (mostly) and a moving plot, but the one thing not recognized by the general media is the fine makeup work. 

R.I.P Michael J. McCracken

The world has lost a very talented artist, Mike McCracken.
Check out his facebook fan page here! (might have to be logged in to view)

"I am Legend" Makeup Test Video

An exciting look at Steve Johnson's makeup fx test for "I am Legend."

The video says more than typed words can express. It is unfortunate the finished film ended up having such horrible rubbery "mummy jawed"  CG creatures. This is another example of the bad choices that producers make when constructing a film.

Rob Zombie's "Lords of Salem" Fx Photos

Shock rock maestro / controversial horror director Rob Zombie is leaking process pics from makeup fx artist Wayne Toth's shop. The pictures seem to show a disturbing multi nippled witch chest. Here is what Rob had to say.