The Walking Dead American Werewolf Cameo

Tonight's The Walking Dead opener for the second half of season 4 titled "After" was directed by Special Makeup Effects master Greg Nicotero. It featured a smaller cast focusing mostly on the deteriorating state of Rick and Carl's relationship. There was also a fair amount of zombie action, with Carl corralling a group of walkers and Michonne taking care of some walker action herself.

The biggest piece of nerd joy came in the form of a quick cameo by none other than zombie Jack Goodman from An American Werewolf in London. Obviously not Rick Bakers original, but fun to see Mr. Nicotero throwing in a little something for the hard core horror fans. With "Easter Eggs" like that, I am going to need to pay closer attention to future episodes.

Makeup Effects Look Back on Thriller

Wanted to post this great video from the making of thriller. The industry needs to bring back the excessive use of air bladders. It just looks cool.

Here is Rick Baker, John Landis, Michael Jackson and more.

2012 Oscar Makeup Nominations

 The nominees for the 84th Academy Awards have been announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I know everyone here at MakeupFxTech is riveted by this years race (sarcasm poured on heavily). In a year with great makeup work in all types of films, we are blessed with these final three.