Jim Henson's Creature Shop Behind The Scenes Video

The good folks at TESTED.com stopped in at the Jim Henson company to talk creature creation and more. Check out the creature creation and special effects makeup goodness.

Oscar 2015 Make-up and Hairstyling Spotlight - Guardians of the Galaxy: Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White Part 2

Here is part two of our look at some of the many characters created by  Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White for "Guardians of the Galaxy ."

Oscar 2015 Make-up and Hairstyling Spotlight - The Grand Budapest Hotel Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier

Some films truly create their own unique world. Wes Anderson's films excel at this. The make-up and hair of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" serve to support the characters and uniquely detailed universe of the film. The 11 piece prosthetic age makeup of Madame D, ages Tilda Swinton 40 years in a very believable way. Though the prosthetic makeup is one of the "more apparent" aspects of the film's makeup design, it is the large cast of detailed characters that show Frances Hannon's ability to nail a well rounded design. Hannon and Coulier recently won the BAFTA for this amazing body of work.
Below are a few pics of Madame D and some of the make-up work from the show.

Oscar 2015 Make-up and Hairstyling Spotlight - Guardians of the Galaxy: Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White Part 1

Much can be said about the invisible nature of "good" makeup design, but sometimes the skill and sense needed to pull off the fantastic is a feat of herculean proportion. The makeup designs throughout "Guardians of the Galaxy" tackle this feat with ease. Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White helped fill the world with a crowd of characters, each one approached with an eye for color, subtlety and detail. The following is the first group of make-up photos from the Marvel blockbuster.

Vincent Guastini's Special Effects Makeup for The Taking of Deborah Logan

V.G.P. Effects has worked on a lot of great projects in the past. One of the shops latest jobs was "The Taking of Deborah Logan." Below is some concept art, in progress shots and brief info on the design process for the show.

Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards 2015

Local 706 2015 AWARDS

February 14th 2015, the entertainment industries talented crafts people were  out in force to celebrate each others achievements at the 2015 IATSE 706 Makeup artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards

VFX Old Age Makeup in Captain America : The Winter Soldier


Spectral Motion's BIRDMAN suit fabrication

With nine Oscar nominations this year, BIRDMAN is getting the attention it rightly deserves.  One aspect of the film that gets a bit overlooked is the fantastic BIRDMAN superhero suit fabricated by the talented team at Spectral Motion. Using "old school" techniques of foam fabrication, hundreds of individual feather/scales were carefully placed on a custom body suit. Below are some pictures of the process.
BIRDMAN is available now, click here to purchase  the Birdman [Blu-ray]

OSCAR 2015 Make-Up and Hairstyling spotlight Bill Corso and Dennis Liddiard

Test Make-Up on Carell

Special effects makeup is often times thought of as predominantly monsters and gore, but this years Oscar contenders show how great makeup design and proper application can create truly believable characters. One of the three films up for nomination is "Foxcatcher" a chilling story filled with "invisible" makeup work. Department head Bill Corso and Key Make-up artist Dennis Liddiard show restraint and artistic balance in these subtle and not so subtle prosthetic makeup transformations.

Today Show Walking Dead Special Effects Makeup Transformation

Today's Natalie Morales got a chance to play in The Walking Dead universe. Check out the video to see how it all went down.
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